Our sample section is enriched with 03 efficient Pattern makers and high trained technicians, who are sampleDep. always ready to take challenges for new silhouettes and patterns. We have 15  grade-A Sample man who produced 600-700 pcs sample every month. We maintain a technical library to support our customers when necessary and we always keep the records of our mistakes to avoid the future repetition.

Not only we provide the best sampling but also we provide a cost effective design solution to our valued customers. Following the current season’s forecast we make two collections a year to support our Customers products range. Different techniques and washes frequently applied to introduce new ideas and also we try to understand other manufacturer’s innovative techniques throughout the world to implement and enrich our technical Library.

We have 06 merchandisers who have the capacity to do the detail costing and support the buyer parallel
to quote the competitive price working with Eligible fabric and accs supplier. We do the thread bear Follow up with the strict time and action calendar To make sure the goods are on correct fit, quality And shipped on time.

We have 02 textile engineers and 04 supervisors to follow up with textile mills or supplier for fabric Production. This team always engaged in making sample fabric as Well as bulk fabric for production. They conduct in house fabric inspection and take whole responsibility to make correct fabric with correct width, shade, weight and shrinkage. This team follows Proper methods to conduct lab-testing of the fabric to ensure quality.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity. We are committed to produce at the highest level and never Quality compromised quality. We ensure strict Quality control measures where each product has to go through a series of thorough scrutiny from fabric to the end product. The quality systems are documented with a procedure to ensure that all productions are properly controlled from input up to packing. The quality
control system begins from the starting point of production up to the finishing point, this process includes 5 steps. Findings from every step are documented and corrective measures are taken accordingly. Quality control documents are available with the concerned personnel.

We have a strong compliance control team of 05 persons whose job is to coach the factory people to feel
motivated to maintain all the minimum compliance requirement As per the law of the land and minimum requirement from the buyers.