How We Work

How we work – exceeding all the standards

From initial buyer given design concept to in- Store displays, the product lifecycle of our merchandise assortments generally consists of the phases described below. At any given time, our teams are working on multiple stages of the product lifecycle process so that we can offer final products at competitive prices….these prices are aided further by the low overhead cost structure in Bangladesh. This advantage enables us at Hongkong Fashions Ltd. to handle orders of any volume, style and color with short lead times.

Phase I: Design, Merchandising and Sampling

Inspiration, imagination and insight into the wants and needs of our customers are the creative building blocks of our merchandise assortments. In tandem with sourcing merchandise our merchandisers constantly learn about our customers and study cultural and fashion trends. Once concepts have been developed, its time to turn them into real clothes. Our employees at Hongkong Fashions Ltd. work closely together to translate inspiration into product assortments we believe our customers will want to wear. Working from designers’ drawings our pattern makers create rough sample garments. Samples are then carefully edited into focused product assortments right for our customers. our experienced sample man/ womens deliver excellent workmanship samples within short time.   

Phase II: Planning and Sourcing

When designs are set and an assortment’s been chosen, planning and distribution specialists help merchandisers create a plan for every style. We as the manufacturing units have to understand every detail of production, from raw material to price, packaging and delivery. In international factory manufacturing delayed of missing information is a major source of frustration and problems – with our technology, systems, and continuous investment, we ensure customers are kept updated with the exact status of their orders.

Phase III: Production and Marketing

Hongkong Fashions Ltd. makes the product samples in own sampling division at corporate office, using mannequins and moulds, in order to confirm the fit. Once approved, the factory begins production. We ensure extensive QC monitoring from fabric arrival to product packing. All testing which include dimensional stability, colorfastness, fabric/garment performance, color matching (spectrophotometer), composition and fabric analysis are undertaken on every batch of fabric… and of course, all testing methods conform to international safety standards.

Phase IV: Distribution

At Hongkong Fashions Ltd, prior to shipment of the products every single box is checked, cartons are counted, quantities are confirmed and random audits are performed to effectively maintain the internal inventory. As merchandise in added to inventory, it’s designated for delivery to a specific destination according to size, color and quantity. The distribution centers then move the merchandise to the appropriate stores.

Phase V:  Sales and Analysis

The sales analysts of our independent sales analysis teams monitor quarterly sales trend reports, and determine which styles need to be replenished. Replenishment shipments typically occur in one to three trail orders. At the end of each season, we assess our performance and feedback on our shipments, and look for improvements and begin the cycle all over again.